Hinckley Club Time Trial – 01/08/17

Despite a couple of earlier rain showers, there was a great attendance at the Hinckley weekly time trial which resulted in plenty of PBs and CPBs.

31 riders took to the road this week, including first timers on the course – both Lewis Gardner and John Ritchie recorded confident times of 29:56 and 27:04 respectively.

The cloudy yet calm weather meant that it was a great evening for new personal records with a total of eight riders beating their previous records including:

  • Karen Lawlor – 34:04 (PB)
  • Ed Tarelli – 22:34 (CPB)
  • Mark Bingley – 27:55 (PB)
  • Michael Johnson – 22:58 (CPB)
  • Ian Rosewarne – 22:31 (CPB)
  • Simon Haywood – 24:40 (PB)
  •  Simon Law – 21:30 (CPB)
  • Mark White – 22:59 (PB)

As usual, thank you all the volunteers and time keepers who work tirelessly every-week to ensure that each event runs smoothly.





Something a little different

When I finished University, I promised that I would give myself two months to take some holiday and have a rest from photography. I thought the time would give me an opportunity to develop new ideas as well as a direction for my future career and (fingers crossed) it seems to have worked as I have lots of ideas that I hope to be sharing soon.

Even though I was a photography student, I have only ever stepped into a photography studio a handful of times. I always preferred documentary photography, where I can move around an environment, pick my angle and experience the scenes not just capture them. Saying that last week I was browsing a copy of Pro-cycling Magazine and my eye was drawn to an image in their review section. It was of nothing particularly revolutionary, a pair of Mavic Comete cycle shoes at a bargain price of £900, but the way it was photographed completed changed my perspective of how interesting a piece of studio work can be. The black shoes were floating on a yellow background, filling an A4 page. The “floating object” is a common technique that I have seen in advertising many times, particularly on clothing websites, but this was the first time I have never seen it applied to cycling apparel before. Something about the cleanliness of the image that really shocked me – there were no distractions at all, details in every corner of the image and vivid colour framing the product.

It looked easy enough to recreate – or so I thought with my limited knowledge of studio photography. I set up my makeshift studio, which consisted of a couple of camera flashes I bought off Amazon, a cheap roll of children’s poster paper and some cheap fishing wire to suspend my chosen object: my brother’s used cycle helmet. I took a couple of test shots, gradually moving the lights to test out different lighting scenarios – lights from both sides, lights from above, one light from above one from the side. My efforts lasted a rough 45 minutes and then… the fishing wire snapped (note to self: Get stronger wire). Next came the dreaded task: Photoshop. Time to edit out the wires and make the stormtrooper helmet float. Considering it was my first time in both a studio and using the clone tool, I think the result is pretty decent. I could come up with a list (quite a long list at that) of elements that need improving but at least I know the general concept is possible. Onwards and upwards from here!


Bonjour Le Tour

After a long absence of a few weeks… The Breakaway Photography blog is back! (Yay for being productive!)

Time has seemed to slip away from me over the past few weeks with preparing for my final degree show and receiving my results for University, but I have finally found some time to write a short update. Last month, I handed in my student card and said goodbye to student life – much fun was had, many tears were shed and many friends were made but now a new chapter has begun…

(Please don’t make me adult)

What about right now? Well, right now I am in a van speeding towards Periguoux, France. Yes, France! There is only one reason why I would be France at this time of year and that is the greatest cycle race on earth – The Tour de France. Afters years of watching from a safe distance in the comfort of my own sitting room, we have braved the ferry crossing and set out in search of adventure.

Whilst the tour travelled down the eastern side of the country, we stayed at my auntie’s and uncle’s holiday let in Pontivy, Brittany. It was there that I had first ever bike ride – by bike ride I mean a Journey that took more that 20 minutes and wasn’t to either my grandmother’s house or down the shops. I have to say that I am very, very unfit and not that steady on a bike.So I think I’ll stay behind a camera instead of on a bike but we have got quite a few rides planned for this week, so check back in a few days to see how much pain I am in.

However, the main event: starting in Periguoux, we will be following 5 stages of the Tour as it runs through the mountains and then loops back to the north – taking in sights
such as the the city of Pau, Foix and the Col d’agnes at 1500ft. Oh, all in a home made campervan. Fun times ahead!

On that note, I’ll be updating this blog with images, stories and maybe even some videos of our trip. Most posts will probably be on my instagram (alex_law_photo) but I’ll create a daily round up of the best bits and behind the scenes.

Stay tuned and Au revoir.





Hinckley 4UP (07/05/17)

27 teams took to the K41/10 today in Hinckley racing club’s charity team time trial in aid of The Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre. 

Many parts of the county were well represented with teams from Lutterworth Cycles, Warwickshire Ladies CC and the Royal Marines showing their support.

The HQ was a hive of activity this morning as 108 riders prepared for a monumental event in Hinckley’s Racing club’s 2017 calendar.

Spirits were high amongst the competitors as both the weather and the wind cleared to give fantastic conditions.

There were swift times across the board from all the teams with 10 breaking the hour! It was extremely close in the men’s competition with only 2


minutes separating 1st and 3rd but Lutterworth cycles claimed the victory with an amazing time of 49:54. Followed closely by Team Bottril in both second and third with times of 50:44 and 51:42 respectively – so a great result for them.

It was also close in the women’s race with the Beeston Cycle Club having an eventful ride but still achieving a time of 1:07:42.

Congratulations to winners as well as everyone taking part! It was also great to see some much-needed funding raised for The Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre, especially after hearing the story of Luke Wingman – a true inspiration to us all!

Some photos from the event are below and free to download and I’m sure a donation to The Rehabilitation Centre would be greatly appreciated.

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