Hinckley Club Time Trial – 01/08/17

Despite a couple of earlier rain showers, there was a great attendance at the Hinckley weekly time trial which resulted in plenty of PBs and CPBs.

31 riders took to the road this week, including first timers on the course – both Lewis Gardner and John Ritchie recorded confident times of 29:56 and 27:04 respectively.

The cloudy yet calm weather meant that it was a great evening for new personal records with a total of eight riders beating their previous records including:

  • Karen Lawlor – 34:04 (PB)
  • Ed Tarelli – 22:34 (CPB)
  • Mark Bingley – 27:55 (PB)
  • Michael Johnson – 22:58 (CPB)
  • Ian Rosewarne – 22:31 (CPB)
  • Simon Haywood – 24:40 (PB)
  •  Simon Law – 21:30 (CPB)
  • Mark White – 22:59 (PB)

As usual, thank you all the volunteers and time keepers who work tirelessly every-week to ensure that each event runs smoothly.






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